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Pike Nurseries: Easy Care Orchids

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Orchids are beautiful additions to indoor decorating, and they're easier to grow than you may think! Most "houseplant" orchids are either epiphytic (they grow naturally in trees where they naturalize in decomposing plant material found in crotches of limbs) or terrestrial (they live on the ground).

General Orchid Preferences

  1. Most orchids will be happy with 70 degrees in summer and 60 degrees in winter during the day, with a 10 degree drop at night to encourage new blooms.
  2. Moist air is very important. Mist leaves occasionally and place pots on pebble trays.
  • Remember, orchids grow naturally in the rainforest and thrive in warm, humid climates
  1. Fertilize with orchid food applied as a liquid.
  2. Good light but not direct sun for most varieties is best.
  • An east or west facing windowsill is ideal with sheer curtains to protect from direct sun.

Types of Orchids

  • Phalaenopsis
  1. These are referred to as Moth orchids and are the most popular type of orchid
  2. One of the easiest of orchids to grow
  3. Their blooms last week if not months
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  • Cymbidium
  1. Tolerate more heat than other orchids - do well outside during the summer and thrive in our humidity
  2. They will also survive temperatures down into the high thirties if they have been acclimated.
  • Cattleya
  1. Place in east or west window but no curtains are needed to protect from sun.
  2. They need a 15 to 20 degree difference in night and day temperatures in order to set blooms.
  3. Another good orchid to put outside in summer.
  • Dendrobium
  1. Very easy one to grow
  2. Fertilize during growing season then cut back to half strength after blooming.
  • Oncidium
  1. Referred to as "Fairy Orchids" or "Angel Orchids". Look closely, you will see why.
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