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Ways To Make Food Last Longer

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Everyone's trying to save money these days, and your grocery bill is no exception. However, many people end up throwing out some of their food.

The average American family ends up throwing away 40 percent of their food, according to the National Resources Defense Council. A lot of that waste is food that passed the expiration date. Here are some tips to help your meals live past their shelf life.

Meat is something families spend a lot of money on, and you want to make sure it lasts, so food safety experts advise to turn the refrigerator down to about 32-to-34 degrees. That's colder than the usual recommended 40-degrees, but it can give your meat a shelf life that's 50 percent longer.

Your milk can also benefit from some colder temperatures. Pasteurized milk can last up to 50 percent longer in a cooler refrigerator.

When it comes to frozen food, you can pretty much ignore the expiration date. Food safety experts say that freezing kills all the microbes that cause food spoilage. However, it will develop ice crystals if there's air in the packaging, which could affect the taste, but it's still safe to eat.

If your eggs are past their expiration date, there's an easy way to check if they're still fresh. Simply put them in a bowl of water. If the egg floats, then it's gone bad. But if it sinks, then it's still good to eat. Some eggs can last weeks past their expiration date, so make sure to check before you toss them.

And finally, bread. You can keep bread, loaves, rolls and any other wheat-flour-based foods in the freezer. Putting them in the freezer will dramatically extend their life, and prevent them from going stale too soon.

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