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Tim Skubick: Anti-Detroit rhetoric heats up in Lansing

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By Tim Skubick
FOX 2 Political Analyst

LANSING, Mich. (WJBK) -- Well that didn't take long.

Lawmakers have been out of town for quite awhile but the anti-Detroit rhetoric is heating up now that they are back.

A conservative Republican from a very conservative and somewhat anti-Detroit district started the conversation by calling the Detroit City Council "dysfunctional and blatantly stupid" as it relates to trying to stay out of bankruptcy with state help.

Oh yeah, the good folks in Detroit will love that from Sen. Jack Brandenburg from Macomb County who is never bashful about taking a shot at Detroit when he thinks a shot is deserved.

And given the gyrations Detroit officials are going through regarding their alleged foot-dragging on their deal with the governor, lots of Republicans are joining in the chit-chat.

"The city council is dysfunctional," echoes Sen. Rick Jones (R-Eaton County) as he thinks one solution to resolving Detroit's financial crisis is to simple dissolve the city and fold what use to be Detroit into Wayne County government.

Presto change-o, no more Detroit crisis.

"That is one idea we have to look at," he explains why expressing the hope that the city will play ball with the governor.

Even the House GOP Speaker tossed in his two cents worth.  It didn't reach the hyperbolic level of Mr. Brandenburg but it was noteworthy nonetheless.

"We're seeing Detroit walk back repeatedly" from the consent agreement hatched with the governor way back in April.  And in the midst of the city asking the GOP legislature for help with some of its challenges, the speaker notes that's tough to do when the city is "behaving that way."

Finally the senate GOP leader is not willing to blame the city for foot dragging and while he believes the city wants help, "they don't know how to ask for it" observes Sen. Randy Richardville.

Well the city has not asked for this rhetoric barrage, but it is getting it anyway and it won't let up until one of two things happen:  They do the governor's bidding to get state aid, or they fall into bankruptcy and unfortunately it appears the latter, rather than the former, is more likely.

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