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Last-Minute Halloween Costumes


Sarah Newell, lifestyle editor at showed Good Day NY viewers how to turn items you have at home into clever Halloween costumes.

  • Last Minute Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costumes:


Although Bed Bugs are no laughing matter, it sure has been a hot topic. For the bed bug costume, throw on some brown pants and shirt, pickup some antennas (you can even make them like we did) and carry around a sign that says "Got a Bed?" For the bed bug victim, put on some cute pajamas have at home and wear slippers. For an added touch, draw on red dots for bites. This is perfect for a couple or even just friends. You'll have everyone laughing!


Who hasn't seen, heard or watched The Jersey Shore?! Why not mirror the distinctive look and outlandish personality of one of your favorite MTV characters. For Snookie, throw your hair up in a big poof hair-do, add a fake tan with bronzer or self tanner and extra tight clothes. You can throw on some heels or even some of her signature big slippers. Looking to call on your inner "Situation"? Wear a backwards baseball cap, clunky white watch, lots of gel in your hair, sunglasses (yes even at night) and lift up your shirt a lot - show off your abs. To sell the costume - fist pump all night long!


Whether it's to represent the recently formed political party or because you love a good gathering, why not dress up as a Tea Party. As a couple (or group), wear white t-shirts. With black electrical tape put a "T" on each shirt. Each person can even carry around a cup and saucer. It may take the phrase literal - but hey at least you'll get a laugh.


Everyone is in love with Mad Men. This 1960's inspired television show is influencing everything from clothing trends to weddings to even Halloween costumes. Any woman can throw on a vintage inspired or pencil silhouetted dress, classy heels, pearl earrings and simple necklace. Keep your hair in a bun with loose curls and you're all set! Men will have fun getting dapper in a suit, tie and hat. Such a simple costume using clothes you may already have at home.


Your Halloween costume can be just as easy as a well-planned trip - or well a road trip. With a few toy cars, Velcro and electrical tape, an every day long sleeved shirt and sweatpants can become a road trip. Carry a map and attach a highway number to a hat. This costume is definitely an easy ride!

And if these ideas aren't catching your eye, why not try: A Facebook Profile Wall. Wear jeans and a white shirt - take Polaroid pictures as the night goes on. You'll have a costume and memories all in one!

A Chilean Miner: Wear a green jumpsuit, Oakley sunglasses, and hardhat. Carry around the flag of Chile. Be sure to give everyone thumbs up!

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