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MyFoxNY extends the FOX brand to the Internet with interactive content that goes beyond TV to allow the viewer a more in depth, personal experience. We'll work with your brand to develop customized messages and opportunities to unite with some of television's best properties.

Below are general guidelines for traditional advertising specifications:
Broadband Video 320 x 240

* :30 max on PreRoll (:15 preferred);
Pre and Post stream pixel tracking
* Tape Based:
BetaSP,BetaSX,DigiBeta, MPEG
* CD-R or DVD-R:
Uncompressed or DV25 QuickTime/AVI/
* * See "Video Requirements" below for encoding specs

Text Link Text

* Text only
* 20 Characters Max
* All caps not allowed - only first letter of each word.

Leader Board 728 x 90

* 20k max GIF.JPEG
* 30k max FLASH
* up to 3 loops with 15 seconds max animation (loops combined).
* All .swf creative must be submitted with at .gif or .jpg back up file and must use clickTag; v.7 and lower.
* Accepts user initiated expanding and in-banner video.
* See Rich Media requirements below.

Media Rectangle 300 x 250
Rich Media Requirements
Expanding Ad Specifications

* Accepted Vendors: Eyeblaster, Pointroll Fat Boy, Klipmart, United Virtualities, Eyewonder
* All ads must be user initiated and must have the same action to close, as it was to expand (click to open, click to close OR mouse over to open, mouse off to close).
* Panels must have a visible close button (X CLOSE) 100% of the time located within the expanded panel.
* Audio/Video may only be within the expanded panel and may play automatically. Stop/Mute and Start buttons are required.
* 728x90: 728x90 banner - max 20k for gif/40k for flash/40k initial load and up to 100k for streaming; 728x400 max expanded panel (up to 4 panels); width of the panel cannot exceed width of the banner.
* 300x250: 300x250 banner - max 20k for gif/40k for flash/40k initial load and up to 100k for streaming; 500x300 max expanded panel (up to 4 panels, 8k combined max); expansion must be to the LEFT and TOP of the Unit; height of the panel cannot exceed 300.

Video In-Page Banner Ads:

* Accepted Vendors: Eyeblaster, Pointroll Tom Boy, Klipmart, Eyewonder, United Virtualities.
* 40k Initial load and up to 100k streaming.
* Audio must be user initiated with same action to stop as it was to play (click to play/click to stop or Mouse over to play/Mouse off to stop). Stop/Mute and Start buttons are required.
* Video cannot loop more then one time and cannot exceed 30 seconds total animation.

Flash Click Through Instructions:

All Flash files must use the ClickTag variable as opposed to hard coding a URL. Please note this example below and instruction:

Add an invisible button making the entire area of the banners clickable. Attach the following object action to the button:

on (release) {
getURL (clickTag, "_blank");

This will embed the clickTag (case sensitive) variable in the FLA file. This allows the click-through URL to be modified at any time during a campaign, as opposed to hard-coding the click command in the .swf file. Target="_blank" is required as the "Window" field's option when setting the getURL action ("Expression" unchecked).

For more detailed information:

also reference:


* No Start/Stop & Volume On/Off Controls Allowed (will be available via FOX Video Player)
* Ad Space must be composed of 100% video - no border/image/gif components are allowed

Dimensions: 640 x 360
Video Codec: Flash Video 8
Frame Rate: 29.95
Target Bit Rate: 400 Kbps

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